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Fine art used to mean oil on canvas, the kind of art created by masters like Rembrandt and Van Gogh. That changed with the advent of photography. This opened a new era of expression. Now photos could capture the action just as it happened. It could immortalize the past and make it real for generations to come.

Then came the computer. Now art could be created on a screen. No need for messy paints or waiting for art to dry before exhibition in a gallery. This opened a vast new horizon where art could be created through the imagination of the artist. Paint programs by Corel and Adobe have improved remarkably since they were first introduced. Today, it would be difficult to notice the difference between an actual painting or a print.

Digital art has increased the ability for all artists to express themselves. No longer limited to portraits, the artist could create intricate fractal designs, abstracts and 3D images. A simple photo could be enhanced by adding a paint style, with hundreds of them to choose from.

The art community is divided on whether anything created by a computer constitutes art, but digital art is steadily finding acceptance, just as photography once did.

That's what this site is about. The author and creator is a digital artist. His works can be found on his Facebook fan page at: http://www.facebook.com/digitalcompositions

All his works appear on Fine Art America where anyone can browse hundreds of works. As a digital artist he creates lively fractals, abstracts and digitizes photos to look like creations of the masters. He has been doing this for some 20 years. You're bound to find something you like. Http://www.fineartamerica.com/shop/mario-carini.html

Besides his art work, he is also an accomplished writer, having published his written works in Helium, Constant Content and Triond, among others.Currently he's writing a spiritual, self-help book to publish in 2016

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While you're here, why not read this piece of caustic humor on weight loss?

Weight Loss, the Non Effective Cure

With all the media hype on weight loss, it's hard to imagine why anyone descended from whales would spend so much on fad diets, weight loss pills, liposuction treatments and all the techniques that the industry offers. The ultimate weight loss cure has nothing to do with shedding pounds and everything to do with profits.

Two of every three Americans are overweight or obese. This certainly proves that man is a descendant from whales and not skinny monkeys. Since the body is so effective at storing fat, it matters little how much simple carbohydrates you chow down. You have an excuse for maintain your weight as you are now. This absolve you from spending thousands of dollars to achieve the impossible.

Acceptance is the first road to a happy spare tire. You don't need to worry about heart disease and cancer. Facts indicate that you're more likely to die from worry than from fat. Even if diabetes is currently your only risk, you can live with the needles, drugs and insulin . There's no need to change your lifestyle, eat healthier or exercise more. You're fat because you're a whale, so accept it as the norm.

It's always the fault of the diet, your doctor tells you. Eat more high fiber foods and less sugar. But the food industry isn't much concerned about stocking their shelves with organic products. Depending on who you ask, some will tell you that pesticide laden foods and GMO products are perfectly safe. If eating healthy was such a concern why is it so difficult to find healthy food? You haven't got the time to travel to the country to buy produce from a farmer. You can't be sure that he doesn't inject his cattle with growth hormones and antibiotics. It's easier to get what you want at the corner grocer.

Your doctor is no dummy. He willingly pays lip service to the need to slim down with a nutritious diet, but he's not about to twist your arm to get you to eat spinach over pizza. After all, he needs to maintain his practice and for that he needs a continual stream of sick patients. His practice will collapse overnight if too many of his patients decide to eat healthy and exercise more. In fact, the whole medical system would collapse if the public started getting wiser and healthier. Think of the expensive hospital diagnostic equipment that would collect dust in the operating room. Doctors, nurses, orderlies and staff would no longer be necessary as hospital beds would remain empty. Oncologists would have no reason to prescribe chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Big Pharma's worst nightmares would be realized as profits plummet. Even the CEOs and high ranking executives would be forced to sell their expensive homes and cancel their golf club memberships for a modest lifestyle in suburbia.

You certainly wouldn't want to be responsible for putting profits in jeopardy. It's simply better to chow down fatty burgers with their antibiotics and guzzle down sugar lace soda. Think about the stigma you would have among your overweight buddies when they realize you're trying to shed pounds.

Lot's has been said about exercise. Exercise keeps you fit. You'll lose weight. In fact, exercise is a poor method to shed calories. You'd have to lift a lot of weights and run the treadmill for hours before you burn off that chocolate cake you had at the party. With your current schedule, it's unlikely you have time to fit in hours of exercise. The fitness gurus make it sound so easy. Like the medical industry they rely on profits to put food on the table. Your weight loss is secondary. If you're a smoker, you likely can't breathe in the gym. You wouldn't want to subjugate yourself to the stares of fit athletes as you try to exercise away that belly fat! It's best to stick with that pack-a-say habit. Smoking will make you feel goo, even if the emphysema doesn't.

Living with your overweight condition is the first step to ignoring your problem. You share a common trait with a two-third American majority. Accept it. Go for the super-size. It's up to your family to find the right super size casket to fit you in.

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